Public Transit Analytics

is a consultancy helping transit agencies, municipalities, and community groups design better public transit networks.

Using the homegrown Score Generator software, Public Transit Analytics generates measurements, visualizations, and reports on the utility of transit networks. When making service changes, these artifacts show the impact in a personalizable, dynamic way. The result is precise, constructive dialogue between agencies and their customers that leads to greater satisfaction.

Public Transit Analytics is available for consultation on projects ranging from planning ambitious new transit lines, to responding to budget cuts, to periodic restructuring of existing service.

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Helping build networks that are demonstrably more


Public Transit Analytics defines a more useful network as one that helps more people fulfill a greater number of their needs and wants by taking public transit. The Score Generator software can calculate the network-wide impact of any service change. It never looks at the performance of a single route in isolation because that is not useful to transit riders.


Correcting an underperforming transit line can be a process fraught with ambiguity. Public Transit Analytics can measure the value contributed by a single line, diagnosing whether its underperformance is due to redundancy or inadequacy. When difficult service cuts are necessary, these same efficiency measurements can be used to minimize the damage.


Public transit riders are people with different needs and abilities. The Score Generator's configuration options allow transit planners to view the network they are designing through the eyes of their diverse customers. Public Transit Analytics is developing software to go beyond measuring Title VI compliance by computing more precise measurements of network equitability.